When brutal politics wins over merit

By Greg Allen-Pretty Barnaby Joyce had better think twice before showing his face in the Gippsland electorate again. The locals are up in arms. The Nationals leader chopped Gippsland MP Daren Chester from the cabinet, losing his transport & infrastructure portfolio because he’s a Victorian. It happened in the same swift action by Joyce that elevated a first-time National from Queensland to the big table. … Continue reading When brutal politics wins over merit

Building bamboo bikes

The building of bamboo bikes, with parts that have been foraged from around Gippsland, fits nicely with (f)route‘s (f)oraging theme during February. Sam Mitchell, a 20 year old from Orbost who cleverly uses parts rejected by others, has built bikes of different kinds, among other things. He is leading five other people in creating the bamboo bikes you see in these pictures, during a four-day … Continue reading Building bamboo bikes