Not just another barista

By Greg Allen-Pretty
9 March 2023

A couple of the Latrobe Valley’s best loved young hospitality workers have taken a bold step in their bid to satisfy the coffee cravings of the region.

From this week you’ll see Carly Burdett and Judah Leak’s coffee trailer, Just Another Barista, at locations and events around Morwell and Traralgon, and perhaps even further afield.

Their friendly smiles will cause you to walk away smiling, clutching a satisfying morning brew.

Having individually worked at a number of cafes in Traralgon, Carly and Judah met while honing their barista and wait skills at MOMO. Both looking out for a business opportunity of their own, they teamed-up when a coffee trailer came on the market. They did their homework, re-branded the trailer and created a new business.

“We both like learning,” Carly said. “We want to continue to grow – that was the goal for each of us individually.”

“Running our own business will help give us a better work-life balance. We can make our own hours,” Carly said.

Judah agreed, saying “we can make our own decisions for the business and be in control of our working and business lives.”

“Eventually we’d like to have our own shopfront business or something like that. But something like this for now is a good starting point to learn the business for ourselves,” Judah said.

Just Another Barista‘s beans are from ALT/T Specialty Coffee, roasted in Melbourne. It’s an ethically-sourced Brazilian/Columbian blend. ALT/T partners with coffee farmers globally to bring them profits from the quality beans they produce.

As well as coffee, Carly and Judah also serve tea, chai and hot chocolate, we well as cookies and muffins.

To begin their venture, you’ll find the Just Another Barista trailer in the Chemist Warehouse car park in Morwell. Carly and Judah are there 6am to 2pm weekdays and, after just a few days, already have a growing clientele.

Over the coming weeks you will will see them at venues and events around the Valley. Check their Facebook page for days and locations: Just Another Barista

The name is a misnomer. You will find that they are not just another barista.

Carly and Judah are bringing a fresh new coffee experience to the Valley. The customer, the blend and the smiles are the key ingredients for success for these young coffee entrepreneurs.