Mel Pollard’s new single marks a turning point that promises much

Just a girl with a story to tell, some instruments, an iPad and some eyeliner.  Sometimes things only need to be that simple.

But as we all know, they’re not right now and that’s why it’s striking that Traralgon-born singer/songwriter Mel Pollard has decided this is the perfect time to boldly push through all the barriers that have held her back and finally get her music out there.

Lose Control is the first single from Mel’s highly anticipated, upcoming debut album titled 44, due for release in the upcoming summer.

Playing, singing and doing everything herself, Mel recorded Lose Control in her Melbourne apartment during iso, her philosophy being, “if you can’t get to the studio to work with the big guns, maybe you just need to sit down with some gear and do it yourself.” And that is exactly what Mel did.

Combining layers of guitars, driving drums, bass, piano and vocal harmonies with moments of absolute vulnerability, Lose Control sits somewhere within the indie-rock/alternative-country spectrum and tells the story of a close friendship that turned toxic and ended painfully. The narrative begins with grief, confusion, regret and heartache, but moves to a place where boundaries are set, then ultimately ends with a resolution to heal.

If you’ve ever wondered what Sheryl Crow and Coldplay might come up with if they were locked down in an apartment in Melbourne during a global pandemic, there’s a good chance you’ll dig this song.

Mel has been regularly performing (mostly) cover songs on stages across Gippsland, and many would know her as co-host of Live at Spectrum for the last two seasons.  But the stage is now set for a new chapter – one where the focus is on Mel’s original material.

Lose Control is available for digital download and streaming at all major online stores from today.  It is also on Mel’s website where you will also find a music clip, as well as on YouTube, Spotify and on her socials:
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