Blogger provides things to learn and cook while shut in

One of Gippsland’s most famous bloggers, John Munns, has been helping us through our coronavirus home lockdowns with some great Boredom Busters and simple yet tasty recipes.

His blog is Out and About with John – and while he is certainly keen to get out and about again when restrictions are eased, he has been awfully helpful with imparting knowledge and cooking tips to keep us occupied.

John’s Munns’s Munchies has served up things like a warm and tasty beef hotpot, a quick chicken curry and yummy cafe-choc biscuits that are to die for. And with cooler days coming, how about his pumpkin soup with garlic. All nice and simple and not expensive, much of it using what’s already in your pantry.

John’s beef hot pot

If you’d like to learn something new, John has his Boredom Busters – great little articles with pictures that will improve your knowledge.

For instance, Jemmy’s Point at Lakes Entrance has an interesting history. It’s not just a high spot with a great view, but over the decades has been a handy navigational aid.

Still in Lakes Entrance, you can explore the town’s bridges in a pictorial article enhanced by John’s love of photography.

John’s spectacular photography captures the Lakes Entrance footbridge at night

John also gives us quite an ornithology lesson about a bird that is prolific in Gippsland, the kookaburra. They mate for life and are handy for keeping the local reptile and rodent population in check.

More Munns’s Munchies and Boredom Busters are on their way, so give Out and About with John a like on Facebook so you don’t miss any.


Photos in this article by John Munns