Gippsland’s musos won’t be torn apart

High profile Gippsland musician and music teacher Brett Glover has looked to what he knows best to raise our spirits and keep the region’s music community together.

Brett’s idea of a music clip featuring singers and musicians collaborating from home on a classic Aussie hit has just gone online. More than a hundred of them contributed to a Gippslandesque rendition of INXS’s Never Tear Us Apart (video below).

Glover’s song choice is a statement: Covid-19 is not going to tear us apart, despite the current social isolation rules. He oversaw the Mass Online Band project as its producer.

Joining him was Brett Tippet from Spectrum Productions who did some amazing work editing the video, and Andy Stewart from The Mill Studio who mixed the audio. They described it as “a coming together of minds.”

Glover himself is on there, along with his Live at Spectrum co-host Mel Pollard and many others with ties to the region, like nationally reconised Paynesville-based saxophonist Gerry Ciavarella.

The Live at Spectrum TV show ended its four year run of spotlighting Gippsland’s deep pool of musical talent last November. With us all under orders to stay home, Mass Online Band seemed to Glover like a good way for the Spectrum team to help keep the musicians’ artistic juices flowing.

“During this time apart we have looked to the arts to keep us connected and raise our spirits.”

The unusual recording has already gained the attention of INXS bass player Garry Gary Beers, who sent a message saying “it’s great to see fellow Aussies getting creative”. He said it sounded great.

Here it is, see what you think:

Be sure to watch the clip right to the end to see a list of all the participants. See how many names and faces you know!