Ding dong merrily at Sue’s place: it’s a Christmas Wonderland!

As it does for many people, Christmas brings joy to Sue Van Heurck of Thorpdale. And it’s a joy that she will lovingly share with anyone who drops by her home this weekend.

“I’ve always loved Christmas,” Sue said.

“People get together and it’s time to catch up with friends or family, or whoever is important for you. And I really like that.

“I guess we were brought up in a traditional family and loved Christmas and I love the carols, and I just enjoy sharing that with other people,” Sue said, as she put the finishing touches on her annual Christmas Open House.

Ding dong! Sue Van Heurck (in the mirror) welcomes everyone to her Christmas Wonderland this weekend

Sue has been collecting thousands of Christmas figures and ornaments from around Australia and overseas for almost 30 years, and displays them each year in what she calls her Christmas Wonderland.

“I started collecting in the early 90s when we lived in America for awhile, and over there there are so many Christmas decorations that it just made me think this is something I really want to do,” Sue said.

Sue’s Christmas Wonderland has Santas of all kinds, reindeer, snowmen, angels, toys, trees… such diverse variety that you would have to see to believe.

The annual Christmas Open House idea began in 2012.

“Because I get new pieces each year, I change the way everything is displayed.

“I have different areas, like I’ve got a little country area and an Australian area and a ‘Christmas in the snow’ theme… all different bits and pieces.”

Part of a very Aussie Christmas with native animals.

The traffic-stopper on the back roads of Thorpdale attracts hundreds of visitors each year, and will do so again this Friday, Saturday and Sunday, December 13 to 15. A modest entry fee will go towards another passion of Sue’s: Cancer Council Victoria, via her Relay for Life team Thorpy Hopes.

There’ll be regulars and newcomers.

“If they’ve never been before they usually walk through the front door and their mouth opens and they just go ‘oh my goodness’ or ‘I can’t believe this’ .. always smiles on people’s faces and I love that.

“I think it brings people a whole lot of joy. It really does.

“It brings memories to people and they’ll tell me about their Christmases or what they did when they were children. It’s really really wonderful,” beamed Sue.

Christmas Open House
10am to 4pm each day Friday 13 Dec to Sunday 15 Dec 2019
2240 McDonald’s Track, Thorpdale.
$5 entry for adults and a gold coin for kids.

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