A Lindenow boy is alive and well thanks to the proper use of Triple Zero

In 2013, a young boy from Lindenow was critically injured in a quad bike accident. William Davidson, who was three at the time, is now the face of an Ambulance Victoria multi-media campaign.

In a freak accident that was nobody’s fault, William had climbed onto a four-wheel bike which rolled down a steep embankment. Local and flight paramedics got there quickly, finding him with critical chest and internal injuries.

William was flown to Latrobe Regional Hospital then the Royal Childrens’ Hospital, making a full recovery soon after.

A film crew visited the Davidson farm six weeks ago for a new campaign, in which Ambulance Victoria says paramedics got to William quickly because they weren’t tied up with frivolous calls.

William, who is now six, features in the campaign: Save lives. Save 000 for emergencies

“What saved him,” says Ambulance Victoria, “was the fact that local and MICA paramedics were available and not tied up with non-emergency calls.”

“They had the equipment and training to make him stable enough for the flight with the Air Ambulance to hospital emergency.”