Darcy Fox’s 100 dresses provide many Options

Moe’s Darcy Fox has just released a new video clip of her song Options. It’s the latest single from her most recent EP My Own Happy Ending.

“It’s about when you make someone your first priority, your first choice, but they just make you an option,” said Darcy.

There was a lot of work in the clip for a seamstress and a patient video editor.

“My mum made me 100 dresses, so we’re doing the video with me wearing 100 dresses. A lot of costume changes! And a lot of editing for Connor O’Keane.”

Darcy will spend May on tour, with musical friends Imogen Clark (Sydney) and Paige Renee Court (SA). Their itinerary includes a show in Gippsland: Traralgon’s Spirit Bar on Sunday 17 May.

Darcy on Facebook: www.facebook.com/darcyfoxmusic
Darcy’s web site: www.darcyfoxmusic.com