For singer and musician Brett Glover, what’s done is Done

It’s a juggling act for Brett Glover, keeping at least some of his musical balls in the air at any one time. His various involvements in music keep him quite busy.

Brett’s brand new CD has developed over time, just like his musical life in general. The journey began at Kilmany South Primary School where he studied piano and practised singing. At Sale High School he took up the alto sax, adding another dimension to his music.

Brett now teaches music at Sale College and performs with his popular band the Soultanas. He even squeezes in some occasional radio presenting at ABC Gippsland. And let’s not forget the time he devotes to his 6, 4 and 2 year old kids.

Brett also put a lot of energy into Salefest, an annual music festival that ran for ten years.

The new CD is Done. That’s what it’s called. Brett says it’s in a funk, soul and pop style which he compares in sound to Ben Folds Five and Harry Connick Jnr.

All nine tracks are original compositions which Brett says reflect the life of a young man finding his place in the world. The boy on the cover is him at age 10, looking across to the 36 year old Brett of today.

He plays just about all the instruments on the album, with a little help from Gerry Ciavarella (tenor sax), Bradley Cruickshank (trumpet), Geoff Cross (guitar solos) and Erin Billings with whom he sings a duet. It was recorded by Geoff Cross in Metung and mastered by Andy Stewart at The Mill.

After six years of working on the album, Brett launches it this Saturday. A busy day starts with an interview on ABC Gippsland, then some tunes at 10:30 at Sale’s pop-up piano near the clocktower, followed by more tunes and some cake at Leading Edge Music at 11:00. Then at night the launch at the Club Hotel Sale.